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Sell Your Business

Tacoma, Washington

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Some of the things you want to know about selling your business. 
  • What is your business worth? 

  • What is the average marketing time for a business?

  • What will it cost to sell? 

Our First Conversation with you will include:
  • Identifying your goals, objectives and reason for selling.

  • Inform you on the sales process and what you can expect.

  • A better understanding of your business to properly value your business.

Once the decision is made to sell we help prepare your business for sale:
  • Inform and discuss the due diligence questions a buyer will have.

  • Gather all the financial evidence to support your business value.

  • Have answers prepared for all the core questions a buyer might have. 

Discretely Marketing your Business (Marketing Package)
  • All potential buyers will be expected to acknowledge our Non-Disclosure Agreement as well as complete our Buyer Profile before any information is provided. 

  • Our professionally prepared Confidential Business Review (CBR) will act as an introduction to your business as we take your business to market

  • Our CBR may include:

    • ​A look back at the history of your business.

    • Enough information for a serious buyer to make their preliminary decision to move forward. 

    • A financial Summary.

    • A discussion regarding the future of the business. 

Searching for the right buyers:
  • We generate a steady flow of buyer interest in almost all business categories through our internal and external marketing sites. 

  • We have established an extensive “stable” of buyers in our system and again in most all business categories.

  • When we launch a new listing we can send to potential buyers who are searching for your type of business some teaser information.

  • Together we discuss who may be a strategic buyer in your industry that would benefit from a “bolt on” of your company.

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Signing Contract
Negotiating the Deal
  • ​All our attention is focused on finding a good fit for your business.

  • It is not only about price but as important are the terms and conditions.

  • As we facilitate the negotiations we stay focused on your ultimate goals.

Due Diligence
  • Most transactions have an extensive due diligence list.

  • We help decipher what is really needed in your unique transaction. 

  • We are the clearing house for Due Diligence information.

  • Due Diligence is a team effort between you, your financial advisor, legal counsel, and us. 

Drafting the Contract
  • A good transaction attorney will keep the negotiations moving forward efficiently.

  • They scrutinize the Purchase and Sale Agreement to limit vagueness and ambiguity. 

  • This is a valuable investment to reduce risk of litigation post-closing.

  • Aside from your transactional attorney, we typically use a third-party escrow attorney. This attorney facilitates all the agreements, handles the wiring of funds and provides documents to both parties to assist with post-closing tax returns. 

  • After closing there is a transition period that may include training, and consulting from the seller. 

  • In some case there is a post-closing true up of working capital and release of any agreed hold backs for taxes or indemnification.

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